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Michela's Classic Italian

Michela Chiappa

Michela is the eldest of three Chiappi sisters. Although Michela and her two sisters were born in Wales, both sides of her family originally come from the Bologna region of Italy and moved to the UK in the 1950s.

Michela hails from a large family and by the time her and her sisters arrived, there were already quite a few uncles, aunts and cousins (13 of them) living in the same terrace, with each house having inter-connecting doors.

Italian food has always been a big part of Michela's life and she learned to make tortelloni the same way she learned to walk. All three sisters learned to cook from their grandmother – ‘Nonna’ – and mother.

Michela travels the world with her job for a sports management agency, whilst juggling being a first time mum to her daughter Fiamma. Her busy lifestyle means she is always in need of quick fixes for dinner and she has become an expert at pasta sauces and risottos.

She also runs The College House, a coffee and pizza house in Cardiff with her husband.

Kirstie's Fill Your House For Free

Kirstie Allsopp

The eldest of four children, Kirstie was raised mainly Wiltshire, England, but attended a number of different schools around the country including Bedales in Hampshire, alma mater of pop singer Lily Allen and model Sophie Dahl.

After leaving school, Kirstie headed to India to teach English, before returning home to work for the famed interior designer, Nicky Haslam, and for Country Living Magazine selling classified advertising space.

In 1996, she set up a property search company with a friend, and after a few years, was contacted by a TV production company inviting her to screen test for a new property show. There she met and immediately bonded with a certain Phil Spencer, and the rest is Location, Location, Location history.

Kirstie is the daughter of a baron (Charles Allsopp, 6th Baron Hindlip) and due to his peerage, she is allowed to use the title The Honourable Kirsty Allsopp. She herself has two children, Bay and Oscar, with her partner Ben, who is also a property developer.

Kirstie isn’t the only celebrity in her family – her cousin is the famous fashion and home furnishings designer Cath Kidston. Her sister Sofie has also appeared as a property expert on the small screen – she’s an estate agent and once stood in for Kirstie on a Location, Location, Location television special when Kirstie was on maternity leave.

In 2013, an online survey of knitters for National Knitting Week voted Kirstie, a keen proponent of making handicrafts, Britain’s favourite celebrity knitter.

Tareq Taylor

Tareq Taylor

Tareq Taylor is a chef and TV personality from Sweden with a 25-year career behind him and three bestselling books.

In the past, Tareq has worked with French, Italian, Japanese and Swedish cuisine. Organic and locally grown food is very dear to his heart, and he travels around Sweden to give lectures and participate in events related to these topics. Sweden has woken up to the idea of what the rich land can provide, thanks in part to Tareq’s endless efforts for this cause.

Tareq is a great example of the new multicultural and open Sweden that has formed in recent years. His mother is half-English and half-Swedish, and his father is from Palestine. He has lived and travelled all over the world during his 25-year career as a chef, and brings all his cultural and worldwide influences into how he works.

Tareq runs the Slottsträdgårds Cafe (Castle Garden Café) in the Royal Park in Malmö, Sweden. Keeping with his local food passions, a large percentage of the ingredients are sourced in the huge garden behind the café. The café only uses a seasonal menu, and other ingredients are sourced exclusively from local suppliers.

Tareq’s interests extend beyond cooking. He is a surfing enthusiast, repairs and modifies vintage cars, and plays the drums in his spare time.