DIY SOS: The Big Build

Series 24

About the show

Renovators to the rescue!

Nick Knowles and the team return with another heart-warming series taking on their most ambitious projects yet.

In each episode they set out to transform a whole house, changing the lives of the residents forever.

These are families in desperate need and the team must enlist an army of volunteers to help them. Luckily, friends, family and nearby tradespeople all pitch in to accomplish weeks’ worth of work in just a few days.

The families have heartbreaking stories and it’s inspirational to see the whole community getting stuck in to help. Of course, project managing so many workers inevitably creates tensions, drama and the odd fallout between friends, not to mention plenty of the show’s trademark humour.

Each challenge climaxes in the huge, feel-good reveal – and there’s rarely a dry eye in the house at the reactions of the families and the sense of genuine achievement for all involved.

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