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BBC Earth is proud to present a special collection of programmes that showcase the beauty of the world that we live in, but also highlight the fragile nature of its existence. Our new Eco Season will take you on a journey of discovery and deeper understanding of the world we live in and how we can protect it.

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Sustainability tips

Waste: think about reducing your water, energy and plastic waste.

Switching off lights as you leave any room, taking shorter showers, composting food waste and recycling are all important. However, you can also reduce waste by being considerate when purchasing anything new, especially those items that can create lifelong waste (e.g. plastics) or that use large amounts of energy to create. You can also get creative to reduce your food waste! Check out some additional tips to avoid food waste here.

Travel: be mindful when travelling and consider what alternative options may be available.

By reducing travel via traditional cars, and cutting down on long-haul flights, we can cut our individual carbon footprints by up to a massive three tonnes each according to a 2020 report. Walking, cycling and using public transport are always great alternatives for our planet. We all recognise that travel is often necessary, but being mindful of your own travel habits and reducing travel where possible can be truly impactful.

Energy: consider renewable energy options.

Fossil fuels are a limited resource and also responsible for much of the pollution affecting our planet. As the world shifts towards more renewable energy sources, why not look at renewable energy options available to you?

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