Hoff The Record

From Monday 26 October at 23:00

About the show

The legend's back in business!

Get ready for the next chapter in the story of The Hoff!

This excruciatingly funny, semi-improvised comedy sees actor David Hasselhoff play a fictionalised version of himself – complete with previously unknown German son and an oddball entourage – as he arrives in the UK to try and reignite his career.

Shot in documentary style and made by the award-winning team behind An Idiot Abroad and The Moaning of Life, this hilarious series follows a fictionalised version of Hasselhoff, 30 years after he rose to fame with global hits Knight Rider and Baywatch.

After five divorces and some misguided professional decisions, The Hoff is in the UK ready to star in a new independent film that could reboot his career. But alarm bells start to ring when he gets the low budget treatment on arrival from the US.

After a series of on-set clashes, it’s soon clear that the director has a very different vision for the project, and The Hoff tasks his UK manager with finding him something more worthy of his talents. As his attempts at everything from fronting a charity to becoming a global peacemaker fall into disarray, can The Hoff get his career back on track and make sense of his increasingly surreal life?


Hoff The Record

David Hasselhoff

Born David Michael Hasselhoff in Baltimore, Maryland, the young David soon became interested in acting, singing and dancing and attended the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Michigan and the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California. In 1973, he landed a regular role on the soap opera, The Young and The Restless.

In 1982 he went on to acquire one of the most famous roles of his career starring as Michael Knight on the hit show Knight Rider. The show was a huge success in the US and overseas and made him one of the most recognizable actors on TV.

The acclaim helped him launch his music career. His album went triple platinum in Europe and he was noted for his performance at the Berlin Wall on New Year's Eve, 1989.

Knight Rider ended in 1986, but David wasn't off the air for long. He returned to TV screens in 1989 to produce and star as Mitch Buchannon in the hit series Baywatch. The show about a group of lifeguards in California soon developed a following, especially overseas, and became one of the most watched series in TV history. It ran until 2000 and launched two spin-off series, Baywatch Nights and Baywatch Hawaii.

David made his debut on Broadway in Jekyll and Hyde in 2000, playing the title character. He has also appeared in a number of different theatrical productions, including a run in The Producers in Las Vegas in 2007.

In 2006, David returned to the small screen as a judge on the talent competition series, America's Got Talent. He then branched out into reality television in 2010 on The Hasselhoffs, with his daughters Taylor and Hayley. That same year saw David show off his fancy footwork as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

David continues to work in television and stage. In 2012, he performed a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and appeared in the Australian version of The Celebrity Apprentice that same year. In 2014 he opened his own 10-week talk show in Sweden.

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