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Top tips for healthy living

Michael Mosley and his team of doctors return to tackle more questions about our health and well-being.

Trust Me, I’m a Doctor tackles the top questions about our health, offering uncomplicated, trustworthy advice on important medical issues and worrying health concerns.

By experimenting on their own bodies and visiting the world’s leading research hospitals, this team of doctors gathers the evidence to provide answers to the medical questions we face every day.

This series the team finds out how sunshine exposure and a diet of oily fish affects the vitamin D levels of a group of office workers. The team investigates three so-called superfoods – garlic, beetroot and watermelon. Do they really lower blood pressure? Caffeine is part of most people’s working days, but does caffeine really make you more alert? The team finds out and asks what are the alternatives?

Elsewhere the series asks if sugar is as toxic as tobacco, finds out if we can cheat our way to a healthy diet, and investigates the growing trend for – and risks associated with – electronic cigarettes.

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Episode 1, Series 8

Monday February 8 at 06:50

Series 8, Episode 1

Michael Mosley and the team explore how learning a new language can stave off dementia, whether going vegan makes you healthier, and how to protect your teeth from a hidden danger.…

Episode 2, Series 8

Tuesday February 9 at 06:50

Series 8, Episode 2

Michael Mosley finds out whether a glass of wine can protect your blood vessels from the harmful effects of junk food. Giles Yeo sets out to test home breathalyser kits. 2/3

Episode 3, Series 8

Wednesday February 10 at 06:50

Series 8, Episode 3

Michael Mosley and the doctors investigate what giving up alcohol for a month really does to your health, whether massage is worth the money, and whether medical cannabis is safe. 3/3

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