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Episode 3 – Congo


Episode 3 – CongoEpisode 3 – Congo

The Congo rainforest covers the heart of Africa – it's the most dynamic habitat on the planet. From the competitive centre of the forest to the open edge of the Atlantic ocean, life here is about carving out space in a crowded world.

Chimpanzees smash open the nests and steal honey from hard-working sweat bees, using large sticks engineered for the purpose. The elusive picathartes, with its bald head like moulded marzipan and chicks like scraggy dinosaurs, symbolises everything that is secret and ancient about the rainforest.

When night falls, the atmosphere changes. Specialist technology reveals a luminescent landscape. Tiny frogs battle using kung-fu moves. Great herds of elephants gather to socialise.

Here in the Congo, no matter how tough the competition, you must stand up and fight for yourself and your patch.