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Episode 4 – Cape


Episode 4 – CapeEpisode 4 – Cape

Southern Africa is a riot of life and colour. But if it weren't for two ocean currents that sweep around the Great Cape, it would be a desert.

To the east, the warm Agulhas flows south, generating clouds that roll inland to create the wettest place in southern Africa, home to a magical fairy tale butterfly ballet.

In the sea, the current creates some of the most beautiful seascapes ever seen – the Bazaruto Archipelago.

To the west, the cold Benguela current is home to more great white sharks than any other sea.

On land, a moisture-laden fog supports an incredible desert garden.

Perhaps most impressive is where the two currents meet – the clash of warm and cold water creates South Africa's sardine run, the greatest gathering of predators on the planet, including Africa's largest, the Bryde's whale.