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Episode 5 – Sahara


Episode 5 – SaharaEpisode 5 – Sahara

The Sahara, a vast wilderness, is the toughest part of the African continent. In this haunting wilderness, dunes 'sing', sandstorms stretch for a thousand miles and rain may not fall for 50 years.

But it wasn't always like this.

This is a story of how, when nature is overrun, some are forced to flee, some endure, but a few seize the opportunity to establish a new order.

On the fringes of the desert, Grevy's zebras battle over dwindling rivers, and weird naked mole rats avoid the heat by living underground.

Within the desert, camels seek out water with the help of their herders, while tiny barn swallows navigate across thousands of miles of barren sand to find a life-saving oasis.

In the heart of the Sahara, just one animal takes on the midday sun, and it needs a 'spacesuit' to do it. The silver ant waits until all other creatures have fled the scorching dunes before finally emerging to feed in peace.