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Building Dream Homes

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Building Dream HomesBuilding Dream Homes

Behind every great house is a great architect, on the front line of design, determined to keep standards high, the builders on track and their clients happy.

This series meets eight architectural firms working in different parts of the UK and discovers what it takes to transform clients’ high hopes, big dreams and tight budgets into beautiful homes that are fit for purpose. It’s quite a juggling act – once they’ve perfected their plans, the architects must deal with builders, suppliers, contractors and master craftsmen, not to mention the clients themselves.

Each episode follows the journey of a build from start to finish, featuring everything from an old mill near Edinburgh, complete with an amazing hidden discovery, to a £100,000 moving staircase and a cutting edge reworking of an arts and crafts style house in Wales.

From complex residential projects to loft conversions and kitchen extensions, this series is on the ground as the diggers arrive, the roof goes on and the client walks through the door.