BBC Earth

Episode 1


Episode 1Episode 1

Dara O’Briain visits Thanet Earth, a hi-tech greenhouse farm in Kent that grows millions of fruits and vegetables throughout the year – all without using soil. Then he heads to Texas, where a technique called ‘cloud seeding’ is attempting to solve the problems of a five-year drought. Dara also experiments with a way of delivering flavours digitally using a receptor placed on the tongue.

Also in this episode, Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett meets the US Army food scientists who are looking to make food that lasts forever. In Australia, Chris Bavin visits a farm that uses robot labour, before trying out a seaweed pill that could prevent the body from absorbing fat. Finally, Dr Shini Somara meets the robot waiters of Shanghai’s hi-tech restaurants, enjoys a multi-sensory culinary experience, and tests the powers of the ‘Miracle Berry’ for itself. Will it turn even the sourest of flavours into something sweet?