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Episode 2 – Whale Hunters Of Lamalera


Episode 2 – Whale Hunters Of LamaleraEpisode 2 – Whale Hunters Of Lamalera

Will heads to the Indonesian village of Lamalera, the Coral Triangle’s most notorious community, which has survived for centuries by hunting whales. It’s a journey that tests his courage and challenges his Western values.

Little grows in Lamalera, perched on the rocky slopes of an active volcano. But just offshore lies an ocean trench, two miles deep. This is a superhighway for some of the ocean’s biggest prey – and it’s these that the subsistence fishermen of Lamalera must target. For 500 years this community has survived by hunting some of the ocean's most beautiful and charismatic species – manta rays, dolphins, sharks and even huge sperm whales. Using hand-thrown harpoons, they are the last people on earth who continue to hunt whales in this traditional manner.

Like many in the West, Will finds the thought of slaughtering whales and dolphins difficult to contemplate. However, he knows that only by going to sea and witnessing their hunts, will he truly understand these people.