Joanna Lumley: Spice Trail Adventure

Sundays at 18:55 (BBC Nordic) and 19:15 (BBC Nordic Norway)

Discover the fascinating origins and histories of our staple spices as actor Joanna Lumley travels halfway across the globe on an epic culinary voyage.

Joanna Lumley: Spice Trail Adventure

Watch Joanna Lumley: Spice Trail Adventure

On BBC Nordic and BBC Nordic+


Joanna takes an intrepid 15,000-mile voyage from the remote Banda Islands in Indonesia to the stunning natural landscapes of Jordan in the Middle East, revealing the story of how West met East and how the battle to control the cultivation and sale of spices dictated the course of history for centuries. Following in the footsteps of pharaohs, crusaders, explorers and kings –and tasting spice-lad…

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