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  • Pointless (S2)

    Weekdays at 17:45

    Pointless is a game show in which teams of two contestants have to score as few points as possible by finding obscure but correct answers to questions.

    Before the show, each question is posed to 100 people who have 100 seconds to give as many correct answers as they can think of. The less commonly known answers are the ones the contestants are looking for as they are worth the least points, whereas incorrect answers are awarded the full 100 points. An eponymous ‘pointless’ answer is one which none of the 100 people said. The couple that makes it through to the third and final round has the chance to win the jackpot of £1000, which rolls over each episode if the finalists don’t find a ‘pointless’ answer.


    Less is more…

  • Dragons' Den (S8)

    Mondays at 21:10

    The Dragons are back and hungry to secure themselves the best deal. These are challenging times economically, but that hasn't deterred the nation's entrepreneurs from pitting their wits against the multimillionaire investors.

    Some of the business propositions include a frozen pudding business, a new spin on the humble washing line and a portable mini gym for fitness fanatics who are always on the go.

    Also hoping to impress the Dragons are a Northern Irish mum who demonstrates a suitcase that transforms into a cot, and a couple – flanked by a giant banana and tomato – who have a range of books designed to encourage children to eat healthily.


    Pitching for gold…

  • Fresh Meat (S3)

    Wednesdays at 22:10

    It’s a brand new term, and the Fresh Meat housemates are now in their second years of university life.

    JP is promptly throwing himself, head first, into a second year ceremonial mission to ‘bag’ a fresher. He’s accompanied somewhat willingly, but not altogether skilfully, by his faithful wingman, Howard. Vod brings back more than everyone bargained for from her travels – Mexican beefcake lover Javier, which may explain why she and Oregon returned from their jaunt separately. Kingsley is experiencing life as an unlikely lothario, which bring us to Josie. She’s transferred to Southampton – but for how long?

    And there’s a brand new housemate – genuine fresher and smoking fine filly, Candice.


    Student shenanigans…

  • Alan Carr: Chatty Man (S12)

    Thursdays at 22:00

    Loved by both the public and his guests for his irrepressible, warm and witty approach, celebrated comedian Alan Carr returns a new series of his BAFTA-winning chat show.

    True to form, he welcomes a glittering array of celebrity from the world of entertainment to his sofa for some hilarious high jinks and showbiz gossip.


    Star-studded conversation…

  • Peep Show (S7)

    Fridays at 22:30

    Mark (David Mitchell) and Jeremy (Robert Webb) return for more comic capers.

    Mark, the inhibited, obsessive white-collar drone, is forced to rethink his life after becoming a father. Whilst wannabe musician Jeremy, a lazy man with big ideas, finally finds himself in possession of money, power and – finally – responsibility.

    We also meet Mark's parents for the first time when the boys attempt to celebrate a traditional family Christmas. And a disastrous New Year's Eve party crawl culminates with Mark and Jeremy facing choices that could end their friendship – forever!


    Men behaving badly…

BBC Knowledge

  • The Truth About Exercise

    From Wednesday 23 April at 22:00

    Michael Mosley reveals the latest scientific discoveries about exercise.

    Whether you’re running, swimming, cycling or hula-hooping, we’ve always been told that doing regular exercise will improve our bodies and is key in achieving a happy and healthy life. But is a one-size-fits-all approach really the best advice?

    The Truth about Exercise reveals why you shouldn’t exercise in the morning, why beetroot juice can help us exercise for longer, and why for 20% of the population – no matter how healthy their lifestyle – exercise is destined to have a negative effect...


    Scientific workout…

  • Richard Hammond's Miracles of Nature

    Mondays at 22:00

    Richard Hammond investigates the extraordinary super-powers of the animal kingdom.

    From South Africa to South America, he travels the far reaches of the world to get up close and personal with both the tame and the wild and their remarkable abilities – from paragliding with Cape vultures to witnessing first-hand a pioneering operation on a giraffe.

    Along the way he devises scientific experiments that explain the extraordinary workings of each of these creatures’ specific capabilities.


    Remarkable beasts…

  • The Toughest Place To Be (S2 & S3)

    Tuesdays at 22:00

    Ordinary workers attempt to do their job under some of the toughest conditions on Earth.

    In series 2, a London binman travels to Jakarta to work amongst squalor and poverty as he faces backbreaking work collecting the wealthy residents’ rubbish.

    Series 3 sees Londoner Colin Window, a Bridge Officer on the Woolwich ferry, travel to Dhaka, Bangladesh, where he works as a ferryman crossing one of the most congested rivers in the world, the Buriganga. And Maria Connelly swaps nursing in Lancashire for the Hospital General in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, where she encounters a community terrorised by drugs wars.


    Hard work…

  • Million Dollar Intern

    Fridays at 22:00

    Tapping into the creativity and dynamism of a new generation of young entrepreneurs, Million Dollar Intern sees business whiz kids from around the world go to work for a week at the bottom rung of flagging businesses in an effort to re-energise them.

    Disguised as ordinary interns, the entrepreneurs monitor the companies from the inside – in between making cups of coffee and doing menial tasks. With the innocence of youth as cover, they gain the confidence of the staff and start unravelling where problems lie. After they finally reveal their true credentials, they attempt to get business booming again with a raft of inspiring ideas.


    Business matters…

  • Deadly 60 (S1)

    Sundays at 18:00

    From tiger sharks to giant centipedes, and funnel web spiders to the golden poison frog – Steve Backshall's latest adventure is a race against time to find the creatures others spend a lifetime avoiding.

    Travelling across six continents over a period of six months, he searches through trees, deserts, swamps and seas in his bid to find the 60 deadliest creatures on the planet. From the infamous to the unexpected, this deadly global adventure shows that size is of no importance when it comes to a battle for survival.


    Fearsome creatures…

BBC Lifestyle

  • Simply Italian (S1)

    From Wednesday 27 April at 18:10

    Presenter Michela Chiappa demonstrates the basics of making pasta dough and provides some tasty know-how on making authentic Italian sauces, including lobster ravioli and tortelli with a butter and crispy sage sauce. She explores some of the amazing variations of pasta, starting with gorgeous gnocchi tricolore served with a creamy hazelnut sauce.

    Finally, Michelle makes some celebratory Italian dishes for her own wedding day. She travels to Italy, where she makes silhouette parpadelle – pasta strips beautifully studded with basil, chervil and parsley – offset with a cold tomato sauce, and pink beetroot pasta with sweet pear and crispy pancetta, topped off with morsels of creamy gorgonzola.


    Pasta central…

  • Antiques Roadshow (S35)

    Mondays at 20:20

    Fiona Bruce for the programme where experts invite members of the public to bring along their antiques for examination and valuation.

    Artefact highlights include a portrait of Shakespeare discovered hidden beneath another painting, a touching carved tribute to a Spitfire pilot who was killed in action, a ring with a grim family story attached to it, some intriguing early medical instruments and a rare work by the artist and sculptor Barbara Hepworth.


    Yesteryear treasures…

  • Hairy Dieters (S1)

    Thursdays at 18:10

    The Hairy Bikers become the Hairy Dieters as they accept that years of overindulgence have taken their toll. But the boys are determined to lose weight without sacrificing their love of good food, which means confronting some truths about themselves and what they normally eat.

    The boys begin a new culinary adventure to reinvent the classic dishes they adore, making them big on flavour but low in calories. Recognising the power of group motivation, Si and Dave join forces with a band of similarly rotund foodies who help road test the boys' recipes whilst shedding the pounds themselves.


    Slim pickings…


  • Dangerous Roads (S2)

    From Sunday 27 April at 19:00

    Humans have built roads in some of the most unlikely, remote and dangerous places on the planet. Six celebrities find out what it is like to drive on them.

    Funnymen Ed Byrne and Andy Parsons brave temperatures as low minus fifty to drive across Siberia’s infamous Road of Bones, encountering terrifying roads of ice and deserted gulags. In Laos and Vietnam, Sue Perkins and Liza Tarbuck drive the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail – a network of roads littered with unexploded bombs from the Vietnam War. And comedians Hugh Dennis and David Baddiel face 2000km of Ethiopia’s death-defying, bone-shaking roads as they head for Aksum, the city that’s said to be the home of the Ark of the Covenant.


    Lethal tracks…

  • James May's Things You Need to Know (S2)

    Double bills, Saturdays at 20:00

    Discover the inner workings of your brain, Einstein's biggest mistake, nature's mutations, the birth of the world’s strongest material and the future of travel.

    Fast moving with a strong entertainment slant, each episode of James May's Things You Need to Know poses – and answers – the key questions that you need to know the answers to.


    Fascinating truths…

  • To Boldly Go (S1)

    Sundays at 19:20

    We think of ourselves as a global species, but we can only comfortably survive on less than a quarter of the Earth’s surface. Despite this, humans have never stopped searching for new horizons. In just under 100 years we have gone from the first manned flight to walking on the moon.

    Doctor of Extreme Medicine, Kevin Fong, looks at how we’ve managed to do it as he studies how our bodies are affected by extreme environments, using his own body to demonstrate just what happens when we face the planet’s most deadly effects.

    Exploring the sophisticated technologies that protect us, he also showcases the artificial life systems and wizardry that have made our adventures possible.


    Breaking new territory…


  • Teletubbies (S1)

    Daily at 06:30 & 16:00

    Join Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po in a whole new series of adventures, including watching some girls go for a tram ride around San Francisco.

    Based on a fundamental understanding of how bright colours, compelling stories and fun games can help very young children develop essential skills, Teletubbies makes learning exciting, engaging and lots of fun for pre-schoolers.


    Magical learning for youngsters...

  • In the Night Garden

    Daily at 08:40 & 17:50

    Join Makka Pakka, Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and all the other wonderfully imagined characters of this hugely popular children’s programme as they go on mesmerising adventures.

    Brought to you by the creators of Teletubbies and narrated by the wonderful Sir Derek Jacobi, In the Night Garden is a soothing programme designed to have a calming effect on children and to help reduce anxiety associated with bedtime.


    Comfort for pre-schoolers…

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  • Nordic DC Body Season

    The Truth About Your Body

    From Wednesday 23 April at 22:00 on BBC Knowledge

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