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  • Top Gear Road Trip

    Every weeknight, from Monday 11 August

    Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond embark on a series of outlandish motoring escapades all across the globe.

    In Vietnam they attempt to traverse the country’s stunning scenery in two-wheeled transport in the middle of the rainy season. In Bolivia they tackle the sheer drops of deadly mountain passes in second-hand 4x4s, while in India they fly the flag for Great Britain in three home-grown cars. For the Middle East special, the three wise men attempt to recreate a certain famous journey to Bethlehem. Finally, the boys travel to Africa with a challenge to buy a second-hand car costing no more than £1,500 and in no way designed to go off-road, and then drive 1000 miles across the wilds of Botswana.


    Global drives…

  • Top Gear (S19)

    From Sunday 17 August at 22:15

    Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return for another collection of motoring adventures, ably assisted by their tame racing driver, The Stig.

    They undertake an incredible American road trip in iconic supercars – taking in Las Vegas, Los Angeles – and race against fighter planes before ending with a hair-raising run to the Mexican border.

    Other highlights include Jeremy inventing the world’s smallest car and testing it out on the streets of London, James finding out what the Bentley Continental GT Speed is like on a rally stage, and the team taking an epic journey to the source of the River Nile using three rather tired estate cars and a sometimes sketchy knowledge of African geography.


    Motor matters…

  • The Call Centre (S1)

    From Thursday 21 August at 21:05

    Renowned for being dull, exhausting, results-driven offices, call centres get a bad press. But this fly-on-the-wall series reveals the call centre that’s treating its young employees differently with its unique motivational ethos.

    The employees are mostly under 25, funny, fashion-obsessed and full of ambition. Although they don’t want to work in a call centre forever, they see it as a fun place to earn money while they work out what to do with their lives. CEO Ned believes only “happy people sell”, so he tries to keep his workforce as happy as possible.

    From target shooting competitions to a staff tennis tournament, there’s always something going on to keep the extraordinary youngsters happy!


    Telecoms with a difference…

  • Dangerous Roads (S3)

    From Tuesday 26 August at 21:00

    More British celebrities travel along some of the most extraordinary highways on the planet.

    Angus Deayton and Mariella Frostrup drive through Madagascar at the tail end of the rainy season. Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes pair up for a terrifying road trip through the former soviet state of Georgia. And funnymen Phill Jupitus and Marcus Brigstocke head to Bolivia for a high-altitude road trip that promises adrenalin, hilarity and stunning scenery.


    Perilous tracks…

  • Factomania (S1 continued)

    From Wednesday 27 August at 21:20

    Want to know why there are dinosaurs in your garden, how Vikings were the world’s first metrosexuals, why two thousand strains of bacteria live in your belly button, how beer is the bedrock of civilisation and how to build a hoverboard?

    Hosts Dominic Byrne (Mr Curious), Fran Scott (Bold Experimentalist) and Greg Foot (Daredevil Scientist) reveal the world’s most incredible facts through explosive experiments, amazing animated tales and strange stunts.

    Factomania really will help you get your facts straight!


    Factual revelations…

  • Bad Education (S1)

    Thursdays at 22:00

    A brand new comedy from Jack Whitehall, starring Mathew Horne, Michelle Gomez and Sarah Solemani.

    Alfie Wickers (Whitehall) likes to think of himself as a maverick teacher, a charmer and cool dude who has a unique relationship with his pupils. In reality though, Alfie has joined Abbey Grove School straight from teacher training and is making it up as he goes along – relying on his misguided sense of cunning and his poorly developed ability to lie and cheat.

    Alfie’s class of troubled teens both love and despise him in equal measure, and relations with his fellow teachers aren’t any easier.

    This is school life as you've never seen it before...


    School shenanigans…

  • The Graham Norton Show (S15)

    Sundays at 21:00

    The irreverent BAFTA award-winning chat show host from the Emerald Isle returns with a new series of The Graham Norton Show.

    Each episode is brim full of chat, comedy, celebrity gossip and general weirdness. And there’s just enough risqué material to make viewers cringe with delight. At the end of each episode, Graham introduces some of the best contemporary music acts to wrap things up and finish the show off with a bang.


    Star-studded conversation…

  • QI (S11)

    Sundays at 21:45

    Stephen Fry and the world’s most impossible quiz is back for a brand new series of topics beginning with the letter J – from jargon, right through to jumpers and jobs.

    Guests include QI regulars as Jimmy Carr, Jo Brand, David Mitchell and Sandi Toksvig, along with such less-frequent panellists as David O'Doherty, Brian Cox, Jason Manford and Rhys Darby. And Alan Davies retains his place as the ever-present clown and butt of Stephen Fry’s wicked wit.


    Brain games…

BBC Knowledge

  • Last Voices of the Great War (S1)

    Double bills, from Wednesday 30 July at 22:00 & 22:45

    Drawing on a vast collection of filmed interviews with British veterans, this documentary series provides a fascinating perspective on one of the costliest and most tragic conflicts in human history – the First World War.

    Three-quarters of a million Britons died in the war – soldiers, sailors, airmen, nurses, munitions workers and even children. The story of what it was like to live through such traumatic times is told by those who survived, including the first ever interview with Harry Patch, the last survivor of trench warfare who died aged 111.


    Survivor tales…

  • Operation Iceberg (S1)

    From Thursday 31 July at 22:00

    In this ground-breaking expedition, a team of leading scientists race against time to discover the unknown world of icebergs.

    These frozen behemoths of the seas are among the Earth's most stunning natural phenomena and may even hold the key to the planet's shrinking icecaps. Yet no expedition has studied the birth and death of icebergs in such detail... until now.


    Icy challenge…

  • Our War (S2)

    From Monday 4 August at 22:00

    Three compelling stories from the war in Afghanistan, filmed and told by the soldiers themselves.

    The Arnhem Company, one of the Army's most experienced units, share footage of a taxing three-day mission deep into enemy territory. Best friends Lieutenant Jimmy Clark and Second Lieutenant Luke Beetlestone share footage of their time in Helmand's Death Valley, revealing the reality of soldiering in an area where the Taliban are increasingly confident and IED strikes are a regular occurrence. The final film chronicles the devastating impact of an ambush on 7 Platoon of the Welsh Guards, providing a harrowing, blow-by-blow narrative of how soldiers actually behave when caught in an ambush by an unseen enemy.


    Frontline tales…

  • The Dark: Nature's Nighttime World (S3)

    From Sunday 10 August at 18:55

    A team of biologists and specialist camera crew explore the length of South and Central America to find out how animals have adapted to life in the dark.

    The expedition starts in the jungles of Costa Rica where the team are after some of the most frightening nocturnal predators. Alone in the dark, nighttime camera specialist Justine Evans has an exceptionally close encounter with a large male jaguar. Biologist Dr George McGavin is on the trail of the most ingenious predator of the jungle – the net casting spider. And cameraman Gordon Buchanan finds ruined temples deep in the jungle as he searches for the bizarre creatures that rule the jungle canopy at night.


    Creatures of the night…

  • Nature's Microworlds

    Double bills, from Sunday 17 August at 19:45 & 20:15

    Our planet is a collection of worlds within worlds, each one a self-contained ecosystem bursting with life. These microworlds depend on an intricate web of relationships and natural forces that make each one unique.

    Travelling across the world, this stunning series investigates microworlds like the islands of Galapagos, the grasslands of the Serengeti, Svalbard in the Arctic Circle, the Amazon rainforest and the desert of Australia’s Red Centre to discover the key to life in each of them. It also reveals what can happen to these ecosystems – and indeed our planet – if something interferes with their delicate balance.


    Ecosystems in motion…

  • Churchill's First World War

    From Wednesday 20 August at 22:00

    A fascinating re-evaluation of the epic and traumatic experiences of Winston Churchill in the First World War, and his contributions as Britain’s greatest wartime leader.

    Disgraced by disasters in the Gallipoli Campaign, and with his political reputation in tatters, Churchill had a lot to prove. One of the very few political leaders who disagreed with the strategy of endless attrition in Flanders, Churchill was determined to find another way – leading to the invention of the tank and his promotion of air power.


    Portrait of a British political icon…

  • The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler

    From Wednesday 27 August at 22:00

    How did a man like Adolf Hitler dominate an entire nation of people?

    Historian Laurence Rees examines the key decisions Hitler made during the Second World War to find out how he manipulated German beliefs and why others went along with his monstrous ideals – and ultimately helped him to achieve his goals.

    Using interviews from former Nazis, many of whom dealt personally with Hitler, this compelling three-part series reveals some of the reasons behind the evil dictator’s unlikely appeal.


    Portrait of a Nazi dictator…

  • Fierce Earth (S1)

    Double bills, from Thursday 28 August at 22:00

    Fierce Earth demonstrates what it would be like to experience hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, lightening strikes and some of nature's most destructive forces.

    Each episode explores the anatomy of one incredible natural phenomenon and showcases the stunning power of nature's fury with such jaw-dropping footage as exploding volcanoes, car hurtling tornadoes and giant tsunami waves.

    Visually stunning and filmed in a range of locations, Fierce Earth reveals the true power of the planet in an accessible and entertaining way.


    Furious nature…

  • Deadly 60 (S2)

    Double bills, Sundays at 18:00 & 18:25

    Steve Backshall is back for a second series of tracking down the most deadly animal killers on the planet.

    His mission takes him from the bitter cold of the frozen tundra of the Arctic to the steaming jungles of South America, as he embarks on his mission to track down his next fearsome beast.


    Killer creatures…

BBC Lifestyle

  • DIY SOS: The Big Build (S23)

    From Wednesday 13 August at 17:20 & 22:00

    Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team issue a call to arms and recruit friends, family and local trades to help transform the homes of struggling families across Britain.

    They visit a host of inspiring folk, including a family in Worksop whose house extension was put on hold after a shock redundancy, and an Enfield sportsman with motor neurone disease who is struggling to live in his home. In Wales they help a widower and his young daughter to complete their new home, and give a wounded paratrooper his independence back in Maidstone.


    Life-changing builds…

  • Antiques Roadshow (S35)

    Mondays at 20:20

    Fiona Bruce and a team of experts invite members of the public to bring along their antiques for examination and valuation.

    Artefact highlights include a portrait of Shakespeare discovered hidden beneath another painting, a touching carved tribute to a Spitfire pilot who was killed in action, a ring with a grim family story attached to it, some intriguing early medical instruments and a rare work by the artist and sculptor Barbara Hepworth.


    Yesteryear treasures…

  • Nordic Cookery with Tareq Taylor (S2)

    Wednesdays at 18:10 & 22:45

    Tareq Taylor continues his exploration of New Nordic Cuisine, travelling around the Nordic countries to meet local food producers, chefs and specialists.

    He heads off the tourist track to experience local cultures through their food, searching out fantastic ingredients, meeting extraordinary people and preparing his own versions of delicious recipes along the way.


    Scandi bites...


  • The First World War from Above

    Monday 28 July at 19:05

    The story of the Great War told from a unique new aerial perspective.

    Featuring two remarkable historical finds, including a piece of archive footage filmed from an airship in summer 1919, capturing the trenches and battlefields in a way that has rarely been seen before. It also features aerial photographs taken by First World War pilots – developed for the first time in over 90 years – that show not only the devastation inflicted during the fighting, but also quirks and human stories visible only from above.


    Aerial warfare…

  • The Mystery of Edwin Drood

    Friday 8 August at 22:00

    Acclaimed screenwriter Gwyneth Hughes brings to life Charles Dickens’ unfinished tale of obsessive love, betrayal and murder.

    It is 1842, and local choirmaster John Jasper hides a dark secret that plagues his dreams – he is obsessed with the beautiful Rosa, who is engaged to his beloved orphan nephew Edwin Drood. Smitten by Rosa and instantly disliking Edwin, the hot-tempered Neville struggles to hide his feelings. In a drug-fuelled moment, Jasper sees an opportunity to make his dreams reality. The next morning Edwin is missing and Neville is under suspicion. Did Jasper go through with his plan to murder Edwin, blame Neville and claim Rosa for himself?


    Yesteryear drama…

  • Silk (S1)

    From Friday 15 August at 22:00

    Martha Costello is a brilliant, passionate defence barrister. Hard working and dedicated, she has a reputation for defending the poor and downtrodden, firmly believing all are innocent until proven guilty.

    Martha is about to embark on the next step of her career and apply to become Queen’s Counsel – she is applying for silk. If she’s successful, she’ll be considered one of the top barristers in her field. But she’s not the only one at her chambers applying. She is competing with the charming and ruthless, funny, gifted and dangerous Clive Reader. Only one is likely to be made QC, so how they perform in court is vital and Clive knows how to play a hard game…


    Going for legal kudos…

  • The Dark: Nature's Nighttime World (S1)

    From Saturday 30 August at 21:00

    A team of biologists and specialist camera crew explore the length of South and Central America to find out how animals have adapted to life in the dark.

    The expedition starts in the jungles of Costa Rica where the team are after some of the most frightening nocturnal predators. Alone in the dark, nighttime camera specialist Justine Evans has an exceptionally close encounter with a large male jaguar. Biologist Dr George McGavin is on the trail of the most ingenious predator of the jungle – the net casting spider. And cameraman Gordon Buchanan finds ruined temples deep in the jungle as he searches for the bizarre creatures that rule the jungle canopy at night.


    Creatures of the night…

  • The British (S1)

    Sundays at 20:10

    Today, much of the planet lives in a British-shaped world. How did this clutch of islands off the coast of Europe come to dominate the globe and invent the modern world?

    Each episode dramatises a point in history when things really changed – revealing extraordinary tales of human endeavour, struggles against huge odds and triumphs of the human spirit, inspiring invention and innovation, grit and heroism.


    Blighty power…


  • Gigglebiz (S3)

    From Monday 25 August at 17:05

    Presenter Justin Fletcher is back to get under-sixes laughing with a lively collection of short, simple, funny comedy sketches packed with hilarious and eccentric characters.

    All the familiar favourites return, including hapless superhero Captain Adorable, creative cook Dina Lady and her revolting recipes and the geographically challenged Lost Pirate.

    A huge hit with children, Gigglebiz is perfect for little gigglers as they begin to develop their own sense of humour.


    Laughter for young ones…

  • Woolly & Tig (S2)

    Daily at 07:15 & 17:00

    Sometimes, strange things can seem scary when you’re only three, like Tig. Luckily, Tig’s furry toy spider Woolly shows her how new experiences can be fun.

    In each episode, Tig is faced with a strange new experience, from her first day at school to a man with a beard, but uncertainty and anxiety are replaced with fun and laughter when Woolly comes to life! He is the ultimate comfort blanket, understanding her feelings and helping her make sense of a new situation.

    Woolly and Tig is a fun and engaging series that explores and addresses the feelings children have when faced with the unfamiliar.


    Fun discoveries for pre-schoolers…

  • The Numtums (S2)

    Daily at 08:30 & 18:20

    The Numtums are ten cuddly creatures with numbers on their tummies. They love to dance, dress up, play, tickle, fly… and most of all count!

    This fun, energetic show combines animation and live action with songs and numbers, giving pre-schoolers a foundation in numeracy.


    Number fun…

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