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  • Blackadder II

    From Saturday 1 November at 21:00

    Many great men have played a part in shaping Britain's noble heritage. Others have just ended up on the dung heap. Men like Edmund Blackadder.

    From coward to cad and back again, Edmund surfaces in Tudor era England, where he seriously lowers the tone with an assortment of cunning plans and serpentine banter in his bid to win grace and favour from stark raving mad Queen Bess.


    Cult comedy…

  • How we Made our Millions

    From Wednesday 10 November at 21:00

    Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones gains a unique insight into the minds of two of Britain’s leading business figures, with this access-all-areas pass into their glossy and fascinating worlds.

    Richard Reed (co-founder of the smoothie company Innocence) and Michelle Mone (the woman behind Ultimo lingerie) discuss their successes, failures and strategies, revealing what makes their business brains tick and their blueprint for commercial success.

    On a behind-the-scenes tour of their companies and luxurious lifestyles, we find out what it takes to reach the top and what fun – or not – they have had along the way.


    Business matters…

  • Live at the Apollo (S8)

    From Sunday 16 November at 21:00

    The roll call of stand-ups who have performed in front of a live audience at the world famous Hammersmith Apollo plays out like a who’s who of comedic royalty, and the list of acts featured in this series is no different.

    Highlights include sets from comedy stalwart Phill Jupitus, misanthropic but loveable Jon Richardson, everyone’s favourite Welshman Rhod Gilbert and the multi-talented Nina Conti, among many others.


    Sparkling stand-up…

  • Top Gear Weekend

    Saturday 29 November & Sunday 30 November from 11:55

    Catch up with a selection of Top Gear specials, with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond embarking on crazy and epic challenges in Vietnam, Bolivia, the Middle East and Africa.

    Plus, Richard Hammond presents Top Gear’s Top Fails – a celebration of some of the most iconic and ambitious (but rubbish) challenges ever attempted by the Top Gear gang.


    Motor madness…

  • QI (S11)

    Sundays at 21:45

    Stephen Fry and the world’s most impossible quiz is back for a brand new series of topics beginning with the letter J – from jargon, right through to jumpers and jobs.

    Guests include QI regulars as Jimmy Carr, Jo Brand, David Mitchell and Sandi Toksvig, along with such less-frequent panellists as David O'Doherty, Brian Cox, Jason Manford and Rhys Darby. And Alan Davies retains his place as the ever-present clown and butt of Stephen Fry’s wicked wit.


    Brain games…

BBC Knowledge

  • Super Smart Animals

    Thursday 30 October at 22:00

    Could a chimp beat you in a maths test? Prepare to witness some of the most amazing examples of animal intelligence ever captured on camera as this series asks: what makes some animals smarter than others, and could they even outsmart humans?

    Other highlights include an orang-utan in a zoo is presented with a dilemma: a tasty peanut is sitting at the bottom of a tube. There is no way to get it out by hand, and there are no tools around to assist. While visitors at the zoo are baffled by the same task, the orang-utan finds an ingenious solution.


    Clever creatures…

  • Top Gear (S19): Africa Special

    Part 1: Thursday 6 November at 21:00; Part 2: Thursday 13 November at 21:00

    Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are in Africa with a simple mission – to find the definitive source of the Nile, using only grit, ingenuity and three ageing estate cars.

    Along their journey they face insane traffic, lethal mud slides and some distinctly dubious map reading, but the trio and their ailing estate cars still somehow manage to reach the climax of their quest at the source of the Nile.  


    Motor mission…

  • Great Bear Stakeout

    From Sunday 9 November at 18:00

    Every summer, hundreds of grizzlies gather in North America to mate, fight and gorge on salmon. Using a huge stakeout team and a range of cameras, this series reveals the heart of the action in the grizzly bear community, in an incredible location in wildest Alaska.

    Follow the bears’ stories and experience what it’s like to be a bear thrust into the biggest gang of grizzlies on the planet. For some, it’s easy – Van and Alice can take their pick of food and partners. For others, like nervy new mum Parsnip and her new-born cubs, the struggle begins from day one.

    To survive in this neighbourhood, you need to know how to handle yourself – and that goes for the bears and the crew!


    Fierce wildlife…

  • Penguins: Spy in the Huddle

    From Sunday 16 November at 18:00

    The latest spy cameras provide a whole new perspective on the behaviour and extreme survival tactics of the incredible and hugely charismatic penguin.

    Travelling to the freezing Antarctic and the desert-based Humbolt in South America, Penguins: Spy in the Huddle gives the inside track on all the drama and challenges they face throughout the year, as well as capturing plenty of comedy moments!


    Bird tales…

  • Top Gear (S19)

    From Thursday 20 November at 21:05

    Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return for another collection of motoring adventures, ably assisted by their tame racing driver, The Stig.

    They undertake an incredible American road trip in iconic supercars – taking in Las Vegas, Los Angeles – and race against fighter planes before ending with a hair-raising run to the Mexican border.

    Other highlights include Jeremy inventing the world’s smallest car and testing it out on the streets of London, and James finding out what the Bentley Continental GT Speed is like on a rally stage.


    Drive time…

BBC Lifestyle

  • Homes Under the Hammer (S7)

    From Monday 10 November at 17:15 & 22:00

    Property developers Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander accompany prospective buyers to home auctions.

    From a former caretaker's house in Kent to an awkward three-bedroom house in Staffordshire that has the promise to be a developer's dream, the experts give their opinions and follow the reactions, delight and heartbreak of the new would-be residents.

    Can the buyers turn their bargain homes brought at auction into profit-making palaces?


    Trading places…

  • Rick Stein's India

    From Wednesday 12 November at 18:10 & 22:50

    Intrepid chef Rick Stein embarks on a spectacular culinary journey through the Indian sub-continent in his quest to find the perfect curry and discover the origins of dishes, ingredients and spices that are celebrated the world over.

    This colourful series serves up a feast of delights influenced by India’s vibrant history, captivating cultures and enthralling religious communities.


    A tasty culinary tour…

  • Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia (S1)

    Fridays at 18:10

    Adventurous cook Valentine Warner sets off on a new and exclusive culinary voyage across the North Sea to Scandinavia, exploring the region that's currently the hottest thing in foodie circles.

    Working his way through the seasons, Valentine tries his hand at cooking the food eaten by locals, according to what can be sourced across Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


    Scandi bites…


  • Nigel Slater's Dish of the Day (S1)

    Double bills, from Monday 27 October at 16:00 & 16:25

    Nigel Slater demonstrates how he turns the contents of his weekly shop into seven delicious dishes – one for every day of the week.

    Along the way, Nigel proves that adding new flavours to everyday ingredients can make them sensational, and demonstrates how to make the most of a special offer at the shops.

    He also shares some clever recipes designed to cure cravings and offer comfort, including slow-roast leg of lamb with herb rub and parmesan mash, almond and lentil stew and tumbler trifle.


    Creative weekly cooking…

  • Doctor Who (S7)

    From Saturday 15 November at 19:15

    Matt Smith returns for his third series as the Eleventh Doctor. Each big, blockbuster-movie episode is a brand new epic adventure featuring new monsters and some familiar foes (as you’ve never seen them before).

    This series sees the Ponds (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill) return for their final voyage with the Doctor. They save a spaceship full of dinosaurs, don Stetsons in the Wild West and are even kidnapped by the Doctor's oldest enemy. But when they arrive in Manhattan, the Weeping Angels are waiting for them – will the Doctor really lose Amy and Rory forever?


    Beware the Weeping Angels…

  • Super Smart Animals

    From Saturday 22 November at 20:00

    Could a chimp beat you in a maths test? Prepare to witness some of the most amazing examples of animal intelligence ever captured on camera as this series asks: what makes some animals smarter than others, and could they even outsmart humans?

    Other highlights include an orang-utan in a zoo is presented with a dilemma: a tasty peanut is sitting at the bottom of a tube. There is no way to get it out by hand, and there are no tools around to assist. While visitors at the zoo are baffled by the same task, the orang-utan finds an ingenious solution.


    Clever creatures…

  • Reagan

    Saturday 22 November at 22:00

    This fascinating documentary examines the enigmatic career of one of the architects of the modern world – icon, movie star and two-term president, Ronald Reagan.

    It traces Reagan’s meteoric rise from B-movie actor to General Electric salesman to California Governor and the most powerful man in the world, examining how an impassioned anti-Communist achieved an unexpected but seismic political career.  


    Portrait of a president…


  • Katie Morag

    Daily from Wednesday 5 November at 18:35

    Katie Morag is a small but feisty red-headed girl who lives with her family on a remote and beautiful Scottish island called the Isle of Struay.

    Surrounded by her annoying little brother, busy shopkeeper parents and a perfectly perfect best friend, Katie has many adventures and often gets herself into trouble – but her grandmothers are usually there to help her out of a scrape!

    Based on the books by Mairi Hedderwick, this series focuses on a sense of community, the importance of preserving the environment and the tensions and joys of family life.


    Drama for young ones…

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