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  • Christmas Comedy

    Weeknights from Monday 22 December from 21:00

    Enjoy the best in comedy with a bumper package of incredible stand-up and choice episodes of popular sitcoms this Christmas.

    A raft of stand-up talent take to the stage in Live at the Apollo and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, and the brilliant Jeff Green and Lee Evans serve up headline shows.

    Plus, classic and new sitcoms – including Blackadder II, Friday Night Dinner (S2), The Inbetweeners (S2) and Bad Education – add big laughs to the holiday season.


    Festive laughs…

  • Sherlock (S1 & S2)

    From Thursday 25 December at 22:40

    Set in 21st Century London, this thrilling, funny, fast-paced contemporary reimagining of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic features some of Sherlock Holmes' most famous adventures.

    Co-created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as his loyal friend, Doctor John Watson.


    Elementary drama…

  • Quite Interesting New Year (S11)

    Thursday 1 January from 13:30

    Start 2015 with a bumper package of Stephen Fry and fiendish trivia beginning with the letter J – from jargon, right through to jumpers and jobs.

    Guests include include Greg Proops, Victoria Coren, Jason Manford, Katy Brand, Jack Whitehall, Shappi Khorsandi and Rhys Darby, with Alan Davies as the ever-present clown and butt of Stephen Fry’s wicked wit.


    Brain games…

  • How We Made Our Millions

    Wednesdays at 21:00

    Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones gains a unique insight into the minds of two of Britain’s leading business figures, with this access-all-areas pass into their glossy and fascinating worlds.

    Richard Reed (co-founder of the smoothie company Innocence) and Michelle Mone (the woman behind Ultimo lingerie) discuss their successes, failures and strategies, revealing what makes their business brains tick and their blueprint for commercial success.


    Business matters…

  • Live at the Apollo (S8)

    Sundays at 21:00

    The roll call of stand-ups who have performed in front of a live audience at the world famous Hammersmith Apollo plays out like a who’s who of comedic royalty, and the list of acts featured in this series is no different.

    Highlights include sets from comedy stalwart Phill Jupitus, misanthropic but loveable Jon Richardson, everyone’s favourite Welshman Rhod Gilbert and the multi-talented Nina Conti, among many others.


    Sparkling stand-up…

BBC Knowledge

  • Snow Babies

    Sunday 21 December at 18:50

    Stunning wildlife footage from the renowned BBC Natural History Unit provides an intimate look at the lives of enchanting baby creatures born in some of the coldest and harshest places on the planet as they adapt to plummeting temperatures, changing habitats and scarce food supplies.

    Follow the ups and downs of plucky baby emperor penguins, arctic wolves, snow monkeys, reindeer and otters, and find out just what it takes for them to survive the first year of life in a world of snow and ice.


    Braving the cold…

  • Deadly 60 (S1)

    From Monday 22 December at 18:00

    From tiger sharks and giant centipedes, to funnel web spiders and the golden poison frog – Steve Backshall tracks down creatures others spend a lifetime avoiding.

    Travelling across six continents over a period of six months, he searches through trees, deserts, swamps and seas to find the 60 deadliest creatures on the planet.


    Fearsome beasts…

  • The Toughest Place to Be... (S4)

    Tuesdays at 22:00

    More ordinary workers leave a life of relative luxury at home and taste what it is like to do their job under some of the toughest conditions on Earth.

    Fire-fighter Neil Fairhall travels to the Amazon, where he must protect an area the size of England and train warriors in fire-fighting techniques. Devonshire dairy farmer Richard Gibson travels to Kenya, where the Samburu tribesmen sleep rough, drink cows' blood and dig for water just to survive. And London taxi driver Mason McQueen swaps his high-tech air-conditioned black cab for unforgiving heat and poor wages in Mumbai.


    Trading places…

  • Top Gear (S19)

    Thursdays at 21:05

    Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return for another collection of motoring adventures, ably assisted by their tame racing driver, The Stig.

    They undertake an incredible American road trip in iconic supercars – taking in Las Vegas, Los Angeles – and race against fighter planes before ending with a hair-raising run to the Mexican border.

    Other highlights include Jeremy inventing the world’s smallest car and testing it out on the streets of London, and James finding out what the Bentley Continental GT Speed is like on a rally stage.


    Drive time…

  • Polar Bear Family and Me

    Sundays at 18:00

    Polar bears are one of the most iconic animals on earth, and yet we know so little about them. Apart from fleeting glimpses, scientists and filmmakers have never been able to follow these fascinating beasts to tell their story and record details of their family life.

    Renowned wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan embarks on an ambitious mission to gain the trust of a family of polar bears and observe the life of these enigmatic animals as never before, over the course of a year.


    Arctic beauties…

BBC Lifestyle

  • Nigellissima: Xmas Special

    Thursday 18 December at 21:15

    Get ready for a mouth-watering Christmas as Nigella brings a truly Italian festive feast to the table, with big fresh flavours and a sumptuous spread.

    The essence of Italian food, like Nigella’s style of cooking, is simplicity and informality – just what you need at this busy time of year!

    In this special episode, Nigella demonstrates how easy it is to plate up the spirit of Italy using ingredients available in any supermarket.


    Festive food…

  • Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia

    Daily at 19:25

    Adventurous cook Valentine Warner sets off on a culinary voyage across the North Sea to Scandinavia, exploring the region that's currently the hottest thing in foodie circles.

    Working his way through the seasons, he tries his hand at cooking the food eaten by locals, according to what can be sourced across Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

    The series reveals a unique insight into the Scandinavian culture and how the seasons play such a vital role in what is delivered to the plate.


    Scandi bites…

  • Homes Under the Hammer (S7)

    Mondays & Tuesdays at 17:15 & 22:00

    Property developers Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander accompany prospective buyers to home auctions.

    From a former caretaker's house in Kent to an awkward three-bedroom house in Staffordshire that has the promise to be a developer's dream, the experts give their opinions and follow the reactions, delight and heartbreak of the new would-be residents.

    Can the buyers turn their bargain homes brought at auction into profit-making palaces?


    Trading places…

  • Rick Stein's India

    Wednesdays at 18:10 & 22:50

    Intrepid chef Rick Stein embarks on a spectacular culinary journey through the Indian sub-continent in his quest to find the perfect curry and discover the origins of dishes, ingredients and spices that are celebrated the world over.

    This colourful series serves up a feast of delights influenced by India’s vibrant history, captivating cultures and enthralling religious communities.


    A tasty culinary tour…


  • Doctor Who: The Snowmen

    Saturday 20 December at 19:00

    It’s Christmas Eve 1892, and the falling snow is the stuff of fairytales. When the fairytale becomes a nightmare and a chilling menace threatens Earth, an unorthodox young governess, Clara, calls on the Doctor for help. But the Doctor is in mourning, reclusive and determined not to engage in the problems of the universe.

    As old friends return, will the Doctor really abandon humankind or will he fight to save the world – and Christmas – from the icy clutches of this mysterious menace?


    Festive TARDIS tale…

  • Parade's End

    From Monday 22 December at 21:00

    Rebecca Hall and Benedict Cumberbatch star in this compelling drama of a destructive love triangle.

    As the comfortable certainties of Edwardian England give way to the chaos and destruction the First World War, English aristocrat Christopher Tietjens finds himself marrying Sylvia, a beautiful but cruel socialite who is pregnant with a child who may or may not be his.

    Moving from the glittering yet shallow world of London high society to the trench-scarred battlefields of France, Parade's End is the story of one of the defining eras of the last century – a time when old certainties are being torn down and lives are changed forever.


    Love and betrayal…

  • Women in Love

    From Thursday 25 December at 21:00

    This sparkling adaptation of D H Lawrence’s classic novel explores the nature of love, relationships between men and women and the brutal impact of the First World War.

    Ursula is a teacher in a small provincial mining town. Her sister Gudrun is an artist, living a bohemian life in London. The drama follows their relationships with two friends, Rupert Birkin, a school inspector, and Gerald Crich, an industrialist.

    As Ursula and Rupert’s friendship and love develops, Gudrun and Gerald’s stormy and destructive relationship begins to spiral out of control. The story culminates in a journey abroad that ends in destruction and despair.


    Cupid drama…

  • Snow Babies

    Friday 26 December at 16:20

    Stunning wildlife footage from the renowned BBC Natural History Unit provides an intimate look at the lives of enchanting baby creatures born in some of the coldest and harshest places on the planet as they adapt to plummeting temperatures, changing habitats and scarce food supplies.

    Follow the ups and downs of plucky baby emperor penguins, arctic wolves, snow monkeys, reindeer and otters, and find out just what it takes for them to survive the first year of life in a world of snow and ice.


    Braving the cold…

  • Doctor Who (S7) (Set 2)

    From Saturday 27 December at 19:15

    The Doctor kicks off this new run of adventures by searching for his companion, Clara.

    Together they find themselves battling monsters on distant alien planets, trapped in a Russian submarine with a deadly passenger, chasing terrifying ghosts, delving into the heart of the TARDIS, facing the Crimson Horror in Victorian Yorkshire and coming face to face with an army of upgraded Cybermen.

    The action grows and the Doctor’s oldest secret threatens to be revealed as the world’s longest running science fiction series builds toward its explosive 50th anniversary.


    More TARDIS tales…

  • Doctor Who (S7) (Set 1)

    Saturdays at 19:15

    Matt Smith returns for his third series as the Eleventh Doctor. Each big, blockbuster-movie episode is a brand new epic adventure featuring new monsters and some familiar foes (as you’ve never seen them before).

    This series sees the Ponds (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill) return for their final voyage with the Doctor. They save a spaceship full of dinosaurs, don Stetsons in the Wild West and are even kidnapped by the Doctor's oldest enemy. But when they arrive in Manhattan, the Weeping Angels are waiting for them – will the Doctor really lose Amy and Rory forever?


    Beware the Weeping Angels…


  • Katie Morag and the New Year's Party

    Thursday 25 December at 18:40

    In this special festive episode, it’s Hogmanay – New Year – and Katie Morag and the residents of the island of Struay are all looking forward to a big party that takes place every year.

    However, Katie’s parents and new babysitter are arriving by ferry, and a storm has delayed them. Will they make it in time?


    Stormy celebrations…

  • Katie Morag

    Daily at 18:35

    Katie Morag is a small but feisty red-headed girl who lives with her family on a remote and beautiful Scottish island called the Isle of Struay.

    Surrounded by her annoying little brother, busy shopkeeper parents and a perfectly perfect best friend, Katie has many adventures and often gets herself into trouble – but her grandmothers are usually there to help her out of a scrape!

    Based on the books by Mairi Hedderwick, this series focuses on a sense of community, the importance of preserving the environment and the tensions and joys of family life.


    Drama for young ones…

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