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  • US planes 'may use British carrier'

    The Royal Navy wants to ask American squadrons to fly off its new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, because of delays…

  • Ebola vaccine trial 'promising'

    The first human trial of an experimental vaccine against Ebola suggests that it is safe and may help the immune system to…

  • Commission to urge Scottish tax power

    The commission on devolving powers to the Scottish Parliament is to recommend full control over income tax rates and bands…

  • Embassy protesters condemn shooting

    Hundreds demonstrate outside the US embassy in London in protest at the decision not to prosecute a police officer for killing…

  • Child sex abuse care place shortage

    A report reveals councils are having to phone around England to find places to accommodate children at risk of sexual…

  • Many elderly 'struggle' at home

    Thousands of older people in England are struggling in their own home with little or no help, research suggests.

  • Guidelines favour weight loss ops

    People diagnosed with diabetes linked to obesity should be assessed for weight loss surgery, according to updated NHS…

  • Your life on earth