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        • Salmond to quit after Scots vote No

          Alex Salmond is to step down as first minister of Scotland and Scottish National Party leader after voters rejected…

        • Police separate rivals in Glasgow

          Police make three arrests after separating groups of rival Unionist and independence supporters in George Square in the centre…

        • Queen urges referendum 'respect'

          The Queen says she believes Scotland will unite in a "spirit of mutual respect and support" following the independence…

        • Row brewing over English powers

          David Cameron and Ed Miliband are at odds over plans for English MPs to be given power over England-only issues.

        • Reward Wales, says ex-first minister

          Wales should be rewarded for not putting the UK "through the mincer" of a referendum on independence, former first minister…

        • New Zealand votes in 'dirtiest' poll

          Voters in New Zealand begin voting after what is being called the dirtiest campaign in the nation's history.

        • Rotherham child services boss quits

          Joyce Thacker, the director for children's services at Rotherham council, resigns in the wake of the abuse report scandal…