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Spotlight on: Attenborough’s Life in Colour

Discover the beauty of the natural world with Sir David Attenborough this summer, Sundays at 18:00 from the 4th of June on BBC Nordic and BBC Nordic+.

Sir David Attenborough takes us on an epic journey around the world through our planet’s glorious colour, in a new series coming to BBC Nordic and BBC Nordic+ this June. With the help of clever cameras, some developed specially for this series, we can experience the vibrant, strange and beautiful world of colour from the perspective of animals and plants. 


Our world is full of vibrant colour, discover why plants and animals choose their colours and how it helps them not just survive, but thrive. Sir David Attenborough provides us with a unique insight into the science behind the colours we see. 


Ever wondered why a tiger was orange, or a flamingo was pink? Why do Mandrill monkeys flash pink and red when they grow up, why do Ptarmigan grouse turn white in the winter and how can we use colour to attract hummingbirds? Embark on a voyage across the world to find the answers. 

We’ll explore scorching deserts and snowy peaks. Discover spiders which camouflage themselves against plants in order to feast on bees looking for nectar, showy peacocks in a particularly glamorous display and shocking pink flamingos as they undertake a particularly unusual dance. 

Then, go behind the scenes to discover how this groundbreaking series was filmed. Follow the camera crew through gruelling journeys and awe-inspiring sights.


With whip sharp narration from Sir David Attenborough and stunning displays of our planet in all its magnificent colour, don’t miss David Attenborough’s Life in Colour, Sundays at 18:00 from the 4th of June on BBC Nordic and available on BBC Nordic+.


By Alessandra Thom