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Spotlight on: Planet Earth III

Our home. Our future. Explore our planet like never before with Sir David Attenborough.

Sir David Attenborough presents Planet Earth III. Get ready to journey to the far reaches of our planet in this dazzling eight-part series, coming this November to BBC Nordic and BBC Nordic+.

Discover the extraordinary stories of some of the world’s most amazing species: from thieving Macaques bartering smartphones for treats to sea lions raiding fisherman’s nets. Keep a keen eye out for the rarest animal caught on film this series: the Morona-Santiago Harlequin Frog (Atelopus halihelos) - there are no more than 49 individuals left on the planet. All of this, and more, narrated by perhaps the world’s most celebrated natural history documentarian: Sir David Attenborough.


Planet Earth III

Filmed over the course of nearly five years, the new series uses pioneering filmmaking technology to reveal the greatest wonders of life on Earth. Motion-sensing night cameras were used to film a pair of desert-lion sisters teaching themselves to hunt for cormorants after the death of their mother. 

The first episode: Coasts, sees us explore habitats where worlds collide. Producer and Director of Coasts Nick Easton said “It’s a frontier wrought by constant change where the most surprising animals must do the extraordinary to survive. But the coast is also where we can see, perhaps more clearly than anywhere, just how quickly our world is changing.”

Planet Earth III

This is true of Raine Island, where conservationist heroes are helping a species to survive. Watch a sneak peek of the episode here.

Fun fact: in a busy year, as many as 20,000 female green turtles can nest on Raine Island in a single night. They lay up to 100 eggs each, which is two million eggs laid in one night.

Planet Earth III

From there we’ll travel across the planet, discovering how our world is changing. We’ve reached a critical point in our planet’s history, after nearly two decades since the original Planet Earth aired for the first time. These dramatic changes have been felt across every ecosystem and by the countless creatures we share our planet with. Discover how animals are adapting to the changes in our modern world in unique, crafty and often ingenious ways. We’ll meet conservation heroes too, who are sending their messages of unity across Planet Earth.

Tune into Planet Earth III, to experience the wonder of our planet. Our home. Our future. Sundays at 18:00 from the 12th of November on BBC Nordic, and available on BBC Nordic+.


By Alessandra Thom